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Meet Brittany

Licensed Therapist


Brittany was drawn to the field of mental health to inspire others to become catalysts for change in their own lives. While she specializes in emotional and disordered eating, Brittany offers a holistic approach to a wide range of issues including: relational conflict, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, navigating adulthood and work/life balance.

After earning her Master’s Degree in systemic analysis from Fairfield University, Brittany became dually licensed in the state of New York and Connecticut as a marriage and family therapist. Her skill set is a culmination of working with adolescents and adults within residential and partial hospital settings, as well as at intensive outpatient and non-profit agency settings. 


While in private practice, Brittany began to recognize that our relationship with food often mirrors our soul's experience in life. This led to furthering her education at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, where she became certified as an Eating Psychology Coach (EPC); an innovative approach that merges mind/body nutrition science with dynamic eating psychology. When she is not at her private practice in Ardsley, Brittany serves as a Clinical Director for an Eating Disorder Treatment Facility in Connecticut. 

Brittany aims for the personal evolution of each individual client by integrating techniques from systemic therapy, EMDR, shame resilience, mindfulness-based CBT, CPT and wellness coaching.

Individual Therapy

Relational Therapy



Trauma Therapy



What I Specialize In

Revive your relationship with Self.

Individual Therapy - 50 minute session

Individual therapy offers an opportunity to take a mindful pause and re-connect with your inner needs and aspirations.  Whether you are seeking to overcome old patterns, gain clarity in times of change, or reinvent yourself, therapy can provide an engaging experience while developing new insights and skills.  Your work with Brittany will involve creating a personalized plan that is meant to anchor you in achieving your goals. Her particular style of therapy brings a blend of warmth, humor, and strategy to support her clients' journey in leading a more fulfilling life. Those who are seeking to improve their relationship with themselves are particularly welcome.

Revive your relationship with Others.

Systemic Therapy - 50 minute session

Family plays an important role in our intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development as children; a lens we carry with us into adulthood. Relational therapy helps to identify and interrupt patterns that block healthy communication and connection. Understanding each individual’s perspective is a valued component of this objective and solution-focused process.  As a specialist, Brittany fosters a safe space where clients can practice new tools in resolving conflict and reinforcing positive behaviors. Relational therapy is ideal for those seeking to improve the quality of their relationships with friends, family, romantic partners or colleagues.

Revive your relationship with Health.

Eating Psychology Coaching - 50 minute session

Designed for ANYONE who eats, Eating Psychology Coaching (EPC) is an innovative and empowering approach to transforming our cultures eating challenges. Merging insights and techniques from mind/body nutrition science and dynamic eating psychology, EPC is a results driven and sustainable method for true self-nourishment. Those who can benefit from EPC may be experiencing: yo-yo dieting cycles, weight concerns, emotional eating, overeating, fatigue, declined mood, or digestive issues.  Imagine what would happen if all the anxious energy put into your thoughts about food and body image became available for use in your life.

Revive your relationship with Life.

Trauma Therapy - 60 minute session

Offering new hope for those struggling  with small or large fears, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), is an evidenced-based treatment applied to a broad range of issues: phobias, performance anxieties, depression, body dysmorphia, grief, and trauma. EMDR accesses the area of the brain that generates creative thinking during REM sleep; allowing the mind to expand its perception of solutions while reducing intensely stressful emotions. Proven to shift negative core beliefs into positive ones and capable of healing disturbing memories more rapidly than other treatment modalities, EMDR has earned its long-standing reputation as a"power" therapy.  Brittany is also trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy; an evidenced-based treatment modality proven to reduce or eliminate the symptology of PTSD. 


“Brittany brings light to her sessions; she is wise, understanding, and passionate about what she does.  She creates a space that allows her clients to feel safe enough to be vulnerable, in some cases for the first time, and each individual walks away feeling understood and connected.”

— F.H.