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New York

Revive Wellness

Therapy and Coaching Services

Revive Wellness serves to provide individuals, couples, and families with professional support that is aimed at creating positive patterns of change. We believe that optimal treatment is founded on an understanding of the whole picture in order to restore a sense of well being. Our integrative treatment approach is individualized to meet the unique needs of each client and is rooted in the philosophy that true wellness is about reconnecting with your authentic self.

We are dedicated to helping you align with your vision of change.


We have faith in the possibility of a more mindful Westchester; where each one of us is ultimately more in-tune to each other and our appreciation for the hidden blessings in everyday life. For those seeking connection in a detached society, we strive to cultivate relationships that offer a sense of "tribe" by empowering each others' innate ability to heal and grow from our experiences.

More than anything, we hope to inspire others to become catalysts for change in their own lives. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools to move through challenges and realize their own ability to show up in the world as their highest version of themselves.